About us

This is us (left to right): Yair Perry, Meg Clark, James Murray-White, Clara Todd
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Water Sensitive Cambridge CIC is a not-for-profit social enterprise founded in 2023 by local residents who care deeply about water.

We formed to work toward a better relationship with water in Cambridge UK. It is a container for water resilience activity: community engagement, education, workshops, water harvesting, sustainable drainage and projects such as building rain gardens. We work with our Head, heart and hands.

We initiate projects using nature-based solutions to positively impact the water cycle in Cambridge, mitigate flooding, and reduce pollution to the water courses we love. One such action is putting rain into the ground close to where it falls.

Local Associations & Networks

River Cam CAN project led by Cambridge Past, Present & Future and supported by Climate Action by the National Lottery Community Fund.

Accelerate Cambridge programme, a startup accelerator at Cambridge Judge Business School. We receive coaching and support via the Accelerate Cambridge Network.

Water Sensitive Cambridge started as a fledgling project of Transition Cambridge, and we still maintain strong communication and links.

Why are we a Community Interest Company?

A Community Interest Company (CIC) is a limited company for the benefit of the community. We chose to incorporate as a CIC because our motivation is to our mission. Assets/profits are not for the enrichment of directors or share-holders, but to allow us to continue forwarding our mission and have a ‘right livelihood’ while we do it. As a limited company we can do business, but any additional funds raised from self, donation or grants. We are registered with Companies House as #14844212.

Our objects

  • Design and implement nature-based and renewable methods of managing, protecting and improving water in the environment such as, but not limited to, water harvesting systems, rain gardens, sustainable drainage systems, and natural flood management interventions;
  • Advance the education of the public on nature-based and renewable methods of managing, protecting and improving water in the environment;
  • Support services and activities that promote awareness of the multiple and interconnected challenges to water quantity and quality (eg. over-abstraction, pollution, diversion, and changing weather patterns due to climate change), and the benefits to human and natural communities of an integrated approach to stormwater, groundwater, wastewater management and water supply in urban landscapes.

Our asset lock organisations (should we fail, where the assets of the company are distributed) are organisations we admire and have similar aims to us.

Slow The Flow works to advance the education of the public in Natural Flood Management, Sustainable Drainage Systems and other renewable methods of managing the environment in Yorkshire.

Cambridge Carbon Footprint raises awareness of climate change issues and supports people in the move to low-carbon living.