We’ve cut the kerb in Fallowfield!

On Monday, 18 March we started the groundwork for three new rain gardens in the green verge along Fallowfield.

Where can the runoff from the road go?

After witnessing what the junction of Fallowfield and Fen Road looks like after a rainy day – we knew it can be perfect for our pilot – testing the effect of turning green verges into a rain verge – taking road runoff off the road and into the ground before it enters the drains, or floods the road.

What are the benefits of a rain garden?

Cleaner River

Fewer raw sewage spills from combined sewer overflows

Greener Streets

More trees and plants cool our streets in summer and provide habitat for more species

Less Sewage

Reduces pressure from drains and water treatment centers

Safer Homes

Neighbourhoods more resilient to flooding and climate change

How does a rain garden work?

We’ll begin by digging out some of the soil – up to 80cm deep, loosen it up and return some of it mixed with compost. The level of the top of the soil in the garden will be a bit lower than the level of the road.

Then we’ll be cutting slots in the kerb, to allow runoff into the garden, where new flower and plants will be waiting for them.

What will it look like?

Green Verge

This is the verge at the moment – the gutter is overwhelmed and the grass is… well… grass…

This is what it will look like by the end of summer – bursting with blossom!

This work is kindly funded by the National Lottery Climate Action Fund, as part of the River Cam CAN project led by Cambridge Past, Present & Future. It couldn’t have been carried out without the great support of the Cambridgeshire County Council.

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