This is not an ordinary planter. This is flood resilience.

Introducing Water Sensitive Cambridge’s SlowFlow Rain Planter: A Rain Garden in a Box.

Surface water drains become overwhelmed during heavy storms, resulting in ponding on roads and sewage entering our river.

Using natural flood management techniques, we can ‘slow the flow’. This prevents our engineered, underground waterways—the ones underneath our feet, in pipes—from getting overwhelmed. If we do this at scale, we can improve the quality and quantity of water in the environment, including groundwater and rivers.

Diagram from Slow The Flow

Looking for SlowFlow Rain Planter sites

Do you live or work near a place affected by surface water ponding after storms?

We are looking for a site to install 10-40 planters for a study. The idea site will be:

  • In or within 10 miles of Cambridge
  • Accessible to the public, at least at certain times of the year or by arrangement
  • Near. an area that may be affected by surface water ponding, or outflow to a ditch or directly to the river
  • Significant roof area to drain, with external drainpipes

The right site may be offered the planters at a discount, or even free (subject to fundraising)

Do you want a SlowFlow Rain Planter for your home or business? The planters will soon be available to purchase individually—but not yet!

Get in touch to be one of the first people to own one.

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