We’re on a mission to plant the rain in Cambridge!



You know that puddle that’s on your street? The one just outside the school? or the one you have to cycle around on the way to work?

We want to know about them! They just might be the place for our next rain garden!

  • Water Sacredness & Sustainability

    Water Sacredness & Sustainability

    Water is so familiar and common that we often forget how extraordinary it is. As a shapeshifter in a constant dance with its environment, it also shapes the land. In its cycles of freezing and thawing, it splits rocks and moves mountains. As vapour, it splits light to create rainbows. At any one…

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  • Why honour water?

    Why honour water?

    The Online Cambridge Dictionary defines the Verb “Honour” (US: Honor) as “To show great respect for someone or something, especially in public”. It may sound odd to be asked to “honour water”. Why give respect directly to water? Water comes out of our taps at our bidding; we wash our clothes with it,…

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  • Water Saving Actions – Survey

    Water Saving Actions – Survey

    It feels like everyone is aware of the dire water situation in Cambridge, but is it true? How much does concern for water scarcity actually change behaviours? Nicola Terry of Transition Cambridge wants to find out. We at Water Sensitive Cambridge are secretly miffed that we didn’t think of this first, but we…

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